Lucky Spinning

While textiles remain a core enterprise, Lucky has diversified into several business areas including yarn manufacturing, real estate and distribution of industrial goods & commodities.

Our vision is aggressive, practical and long term. As each company ventures into a period of steadfast expansion, we continue to remain firm to our values and business ethics. Our primary goals are to create career growth opportunities for our employees, maintain outstanding financial performance and sustain an eco-friendly environment for the community at large.

Lucky operates from its offices in Thailand, India & Australia.  

Textile Trading

With almost 70 years of experience in the field, Lucky has become one of the leading names in Thailand’s textile trading industry.

Products range from polyester finished fabrics to polyester/wool suiting fabrics, denim fabrics and embroideries. Mainly imported from China, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia, the goods are marketed in Thailand and distributed for local job work manufacturing and global exports. 
Yarn manufacturing

‘Lucky Spinning’ is Lucky Flagship Company, producing a wide range of natural, synthetic and fancy yarns in ring, open-end and air vortex technology.

In 2007, 3 new brands were added to the product portfolio verifying the unshakable commitment to quality and innovation Lucky pledges to its customers.

Although a young company of only 4 years, Lucky has already witnessed a fourfold increase in its production capacity. The next expansion project involves a large scale set-up of the recently revolutionized air vortex technology. This will establish Lucky Spinning as the single largest yarn manufacturer in Thailand.
Real Estate

Property development has been an inveterate component of the Lucky family. Traditionally the focus rested in residential apartments and condominiums. Lucky now shifts its attention towards the hospitality industry, focusing on serviced apartments and hotels.

Current properties include Hawaii Tower, Star Suites & Majestic Grande.
Construction & Building Materials

‘Lucky Global Corporation’ is the central trading unit in Lucky Group, with operating divisions in Thailand and India.

In Bangkok, the company acquires PVC raisin, converted from imported Vinyl  Chloride Monomer (VCM), and markets it locally. With trade ranging between 2000-4000 tons per month, Lucky has become the 3rd largest PVC distributor in Thailand, holding a 10% market share.

Lucky Global’s branch in Chennai commenced in 2001 as a response to the growing demand in the Indian industry for building materials. It now operates between Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore.

The company trades in acoustical ceiling systems (mineral fiber board with grid bars), metallica ceiling systems, gypsum boards, hard wood, laminated/ engineered wood floorings and modular work stations. Lucky’s Indian operations also own sole distributing rights across India for Japan’s Daiken interior products.

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Coal Imports

With the recent surge in energy prices due to oil price hikes, Lucky is now importing coal from Indonesia as a cost effective alternate fuel for local distribution.  While the primary operation is the supply of coal, Lucky is planning to set up  a coal-fired thermal power plant to meet its energy needs. The process will include sequestering the coal emissions in order to make it an eco-friendly substitute.